Put Her in a Box.

Picture perfect blondie, 
Your little plastic Barbie
you'll still look down in dismay
To judge, and criticize me
Find a mold to shove her in
Do it, say it, I dare
We can start with dumb American
And then we'll go from there
The sweet girl, nice and calm
She'll always say "you're right"
So when you drill her she'll just nod 
and resist your stupid fight

The silly foreigner abroad
That "guiri, gringa, blanca" box
The rubia "no es de aquí"
Speak slower when you talk
Que puta, perra, guarra, whore
So easy to take home!
Flirting with everyone in the bar
Is she so sad and so alone?

Pick another box or category
Let's see just where she fits
Spin the wheel, round it goes
In which rigid box she sits

Simple "woman" you can call her!
A likely, tight, and easy niche
She complains she's on her period,
That's why she's such a bitch

Isn't she paired up or married yet?
Single with no kids or pets
I'd bet she hits up all those apps
Depressed, a drag, no prospects
The perfect, bendy, Yoga Queen
No drugs, or drink or smoke
Pray to all the hindu gods
Or on that incense she might choke

Next The Fittest little Sports Star
Compete just like a machine
Scars and tears all for success
Forever living the "dream"
Let's pick another little spot
To shove her in today
I've got a million fun ideas
And derogatory names to say

Certified vegan/ vegetarían
Animals rights protestor
Wears her hemp and bakes her bread
Let the dirt there fester

Put me in your fucking box
Which one is your favourite?
Mean boss, lover, child-bearer
She'll surely play up every bit
Which sterotype will she be today?
A feminist, a slut, your wife?
Which type of person would be okay?
Trump-lover, a liberal for life?

She'll be your hang-ten Cali girl
She'll be the all-inspired artist
She'll be Stepford wife material
A mathmetician, the best, the smartest

A message must be sent today: Goodbye to all the boxes!

Tired of the labels , 
of judgements so hard and raw 
Got tired of staring in the mirror 
and hating what she saw 

Tired of pretending to be happy 
when she was dark, sad and weak 
Tired of other people's betrayal, 
indifference and deceit 

Tired of being called the privelaged white girl 
who couldn't ever fall 
Being told not to complain because 
she had everything- she had it all 

Tired of being told on daily basis
that her opinions "just don't matter" 
That she's too old, not even talented 
and only getting fatter 

Tired of chasing people down 
so that they discover the real "she" 
Saying "I'm good, I'm worth it,"
that they "just need to wait and see" 

She has lived out her contradictions 
and felt heavy with guilt 
Because her life wasn't perfect, 
her internal construct was shoddily built 

Her spirituality was within her
but her thoughts still blurred and dark 
Beating herself up 
because she wasn't hitting that perfect mark 

Her journey is for her 
and that's what got her out 
Free from comparisons, from sterotypes 
and oceans of self doubt 

Now she'll refuse to be your victim 
because she is something more profound 
Broke out of that cage of sterotypes, 
became more solid and more sound 

She chooses to be who she wants to be, 
a person imperfect but free 
She won't fit into your categories 
because it isn't her cup of tea

She gets to be all the contradictions, 
a little chaotic and little wild 
Unique with complications, 
just like her inner child 

Open-minded and radical; 
direct, loud, and totally  crazy 
But full of love and giving, 
a heart of empathy 

So, Allow her to sit with all her quirks, 
up in the mountains far from the sea 
"I'll let you just be you, " she says,
"if you let me just be me." 

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