Food & “Medicine”


FOOD IS MEDICINE: I’ll never stop saying this!

Oh, and Plant-based eating habits always prevail!

While I don’t categorize myself as vegan or vegetarian or any other rather restrictive term, I would say I just try to eat fresh, local, seasonal and mostly plant-based foods. I also hone in on my cycle and eat particular things during each phase (for more info, see my post on Yoga books & must-reads!). I think a crucial part in diet is knowing where your food comes from! Get those farm fresh eggs straight from the countryside, or pick up fresh berries at the local Saturday market. Avoid anything refined, pre-packaged and loaded with chemicals. Try to get organic with about 80% of what you eat if you can, and more than anything investigate! Learn what feels good for you because every body needs something different. And also- be kind to yourself.

I struggled in my relationship with food for a long time: it took me ages to understand what felt good for me. Don’t be surprised if your quest to eat better is a longer journey than expected. And don’t forget occasional indulgences are super necessary! Just make them more wholesome.

Everything that we are putting through our mouths is fueling our brains and our bodies. The choices we make with food also pertain to approximately 80-90% weight loss when we are trying to shed those extra pounds. But we seem so hyped on weight loss rather than long-term health and wellness. We forget that the food we are eating not only affects us in the short-term but also has a huge long-term impact on our lives. Our one-and-only source of energy fuel dictates what kinds of moods we are in on a day-to-day basis, what illnesses and common colds come and go throughout our lives, how long we live, and even has an impact on ending up with serious diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer or heart disease. Start to believe that food is medicine!

My recipe goals: all of the above, gluten-free, and mostly vegetarian. And also, I live alone, so easy, simple, healthy and fast recipes are always my top priority!

In this section I hope to inspire you with simple healthy recipes and shed light on other health related stuff: supplements, health and diet for women, natural or organic body and beauty products, and links to other health sources and experts.

Enjoy & Namaste.

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