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Life is a complicated rollercoaster! But it’s also a beautiful journey if we let it be! I’m not a psychologist, or a counselor, or a life coach or anything related. But I am a grown woman who’s been through a thing or two and learned through trial and error what life is really all about. And, of course I’m not finished!

What has truly helped me see the bigger picture is YOGA. It is not a means to become more flexible, to be able to do amazingly complex poses, or be fit- for me, it is a way of living. All of my experiences are ones we can relate to- but how about considering that any one of these stories or entries are also related to a much bigger divinity which is yoga? 🙂

Read on for your pleasure & Namaste.

Hello, Ego.

Egomaniac. Egotistical. Superegoist. Having a big fat ego. Wait, what does having an ego even mean? When we use the word “ego” we often automatically think of people that are self-centered or pompous, self-serving and sometimes even narcissistic. They might like to toot their own horn, be a bit of a braggart and be wrappedContinue reading “Hello, Ego.”

Hatha Raja Yoga Flow

A full intermediate “coffee cup” class! I had to edit some things down, and so my head is cut off in a few segments. I’m not used to filming longer sequences on my own, but I had to share today’s beautiful fiery practice. You can also find the video on my YouTube Channel 😁😊 NamasteContinue reading “Hatha Raja Yoga Flow”

I forgive you.

“Dear You. I am writing to tell you that I’ve moved on. It took me a long time, and even though I still feel moments of anger and sorrow, I can finally say that I no longer love you.  I lived trapped with you in a roller coaster of emotions; between love and fear, anxietyContinue reading “I forgive you.”

The Gift of Balance

When I mention balance you might be imagining a tight-rope walker in the circus balancing across a fine rope and teetering slightly from side-to-side. Or maybe just the simple act of balancing on your tippy-toes. Or perhaps you’re thinking of balance in terms of a healthy lifestyle: the balance between exercising and lying around onContinue reading “The Gift of Balance”

Self-Love Yoga Flow

Link here for videos. Hello beautiful Yoguis! Click on the above link to click into my IGTV channel. Follow the 4-part series labeled “Self Love Yoga Flow” for a full hour practice. Namaste ❤ Lexi

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